The update to school board zone boundaries, or “redistricting,” is a process to distribute the population equally among electoral districts. This usually happens after the U.S. census, which takes place every 10 years. The census shows population growth or decrease in these areas, requiring population rebalancing to ensure equal representation. Special districts, such as school districts, collaborate with their communities on determining the updated school board zones.

Redistricting will NOT change school attendance area boundaries.

Public survey input on board zone alternative proposals

The Salem-Keizer School Board gathered feedback on alternative maps for revised school board zone boundaries via an online survey conducted from November 18, 2021–December 1, 2021. See a summary of the survey results in this PDF.

The school board reviewed two alternative maps at its Dec. 7 work session. Those meetings can be viewed in English on YouTube and in Spanish on YouTube.

The maps continue to be available to view online on the School Board Zones Redistricting webpage. The maps were available to view in person while the public survey was open, along with informational flyers, at more than a dozen locations, in multiple languages, displayed at community partner sites across Salem.

Next steps

The school board is expected to make a final decision on board zones at its Dec. 14 school board meeting. The school board will take public comment at the meeting.